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You Make Decisions Everyday! ... Whether you are a Savvy Shopper, a Business Owner, a Researcher, ..... or just an Individual browsing the Internet to see 'What's New'... you are searching and seeking information. Therefore, having the correct and beneficial intelligence information is vital to your decision making. 

Here our focus is on 'Internet Intelligence Information'. We will help you to use the tools, resources, systems, and platforms of the Internet to provide you with intelligent information, so you can make intelligent & informed decisions.

Our first phase and focus will be on 'e-Commerce Intelligence'. So we have built websites and platforms that helps us to promote our  'Free Enterprise and Open Market System'  by "Matching Supply and Demand".  We connect 'trustworthy experts' with 'ready-to-buy prospects'.  

Our 'trustworthy experts'  are business owners and entrepreneurs  offering valuable products  and services to the public. These are honest and hard working individuals, that often offer their services both online and offline. 

Our 'ready-to-buy prospects' are savvy shoppers, that know both the value and the cost of items and services they need. They are searching and shopping for them on the internet. They are also technically skilled, and they often locate these products and services they seek, ... with their mobile phones, iPads, android tablets, etc. .  

We know you will enjoy this new genre platform of 'Internet Intelligence Information'. Go to the following website to see for yourself how the 'e-Commerce Intelligence' will benefit you... .

Please feel free to register as a free member on our website. If you are a vendor, i.e, a business owner, a solopreneur or an entrepreneur with products and/or services, feel free to join as a vendor at 

We welcome your feedback, with questions or comments.  Fill out the "Contact Us" form to the right and send us your own individual and valuable feedback.  

Register as a free member to stay up to date on our platforms as we introduce Phase 2 and Phase 3. We look forward to welcoming you as new members.   

"We Have Special Skills"   ....  "We Seek Outstanding Opportunities"

We Will Find Answers ....

We are  experts  in our industries  and  we are all proven trustworthy individuals. 

As we  connect  with the professionals in need of ....  our problem solving services, we all prosper. 


Utilizing the  Internet  technology and advanced communication  systems, we enhance our ability and share our successes.  Internet Intelligence Information is a tool of our present and our future.





You will Overcome Challenges!

Whether you are an Independent Entrepreneur  or  whether you're a Corporate  Executive,  you are often  facing  many  'distracting' challenges in your workplace or work space. So putting together all of the pieces of these puzzles often requires additional  research, testing, and sometimes, the sudden realization that you need professional help. 

Utilizing the Intelligent  resources of  Internet  platforms,  allows you  to accomplish your short term and your long term goals. 

To help us meet the  challenge  of  our  upcoming  national elections, we  have  launched a new website portal today (10/2016). See it here:

Please note we will be updating that site during 2018, as appropriate, to continue educating you on the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of being citizens of the U.S.A.